25 januari 2023

Patti Valkenburg Listed Among Top 10 Prolific Communication Scholars

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Patti Valkenburg has been listed among the top 10 authors contributing to the four “central”  communication journals from 2017 to 2021. She is the only listed scholar affiliated to a Dutch university. The four central communication journals are: Journal of Communication, Communication Research, Human Communication Research, and Communication Monographs. The acceptance rates of these journals typically lie around 5-8%.

4 november 2022

ICA Podcast “Architects of Communication Scholarship” with Patti Valkenburg


In the podcast series “Architects of Communication Scholarship” the ICA presents interviews with leading communication scholars about their experience in the field and their life as academics and researchers.

The lastest episode features Patti Valkenburg, interviewed by PhD candidates Tim Verbeij and Teun Siebers. The podcast can be found on the ICA website.


27 September 2022

Queen Maxima visits MIND US

Together with influencers Mo Bicep, Numidia and Ouassima Tajmout, Patti Valkenburg was guest at a theme visit about the influence of social media on youth organized by MIND US. Queen Maxima , the honorary president of MIND US, was there to speak with adolescents, influencers and scientists about the subject and she was the first to receive a road map designed by MIND US to help influencers in their contact with adolescents. More information on their (Dutch) website

23 August 2022

Project AWeSome in New York Times

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In a New York Times article Matt Richtel writes about depression and anxiety among adolescents and how social media affects this. The article mentions Project AWeSome's research to argue that some adolescents are more vulnerable for the influence of social media then others. Read the New York Times article