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Plugged In: How Media Attract and Affect Youth

Now, as never before, young people are surrounded by media—thanks to the sophistication and portability of the technology that puts it literally in the palms of their hands. Drawing on data and empirical research that cross many fields and continents, authors Valkenburg and Piotrowski examine the role of media in the lives of children from birth through adolescence, addressing the complex issues of how media affect the young and what adults can do to encourage responsible use in an age of selfies, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

This important study looks at both the sunny and the dark side of media use by today’s youth, including why and how their preferences change throughout childhood, whether digital gaming is harmful or helpful, the effects of placing tablets and smartphones in the hands of toddlers, the susceptibility of young people to online advertising, the legitimacy of parental concerns about media multitasking, and more.


“Patti Valkenburg is a prominent scholar of media and children and one of the most prolific scholars of communication globally. Jessica Taylor Piotrowski is a rising star in our field and one of the leading scholars of the upcoming generation. Together, these two are a powerhouse.
Dafna Lemish, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

“Screen media are among the most pervasive influences in the lives of infants, children, and adolescents. A cutting-edge and forward-thinking book of this sort is greatly needed.”
Heather Kirkorian, University of Wisconsin-Madison


4 maart 2022

Project AWeSome Wins Outstanding Interdisciplinary Contribution Award


Project AWeSome receives the Outstanding Interdisciplinary Contribution Award of the Society for Research on Adolescence. AWeSome investigates adolescents, well-being and social media and was established by Patti Valkenburg (University of Amsterdam) and Loes Keijsers (Erasmus University).

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8 September 2021

Two umbrella reviews on social media and mental health


Patti Valkenburg completed two umbrella reviews of the effects of social media use on mental health. An umbrella review is a review of existing meta-analyses and literature reviews.

Both umbrella reviews available on PsyArXiv here and here

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23 April 2021

Project AWeSome Spring Webinar online

The project AWeSome team presented their research results in a Spring webinar. In case you missed it, you can watch the full recording here.  210423 Spring Webinar Thumbnail

22 February 2021

Project AWeSome Winter Webinar online

The project AWeSome team presented their research results in a Winter webinar. In case you missed it, you can watch the full recording here:     https://www.project-awesome.nl/the-research

 21020 Webinar Thumbnail

Patti Valkenburg

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